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Anxiety disorders are among the most commonly diagnosed psychological conditions in America, currently affecting more than 19 million people. In Living Fully with Shyness and Social Anxiety, distinguished therapist and mental health expert Erika B. Hilliard offers a comprehensive guide to living fully and confidently with such conditions.

In warm, reassuring language, she covers in-depth all of the relevant topics, including how to calm your body, blushing, eye contact, body language, medications, heart racing, goal setting, shy bladder syndrome, cultivating positive thoughts, and ways to prepare for stressful social situations-many of which are only briefly touched upon in other books.

Uniquely organized into three distinct, logical, easy-to-digest sections-The Body, The Mind, and Action-this book offers optimum comprehensiveness and readability, and is encouraging and supportive throughout. Living Fully with Shyness and Social Anxiety provides the most thorough resource for those looking for an honest, destigmatized approach to something experienced to varying degrees by nearly everyone.

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Reader Reviews

“This highly accessible book will be an invaluable resource for people struggling with shyness and social anxiety, as well as those who care about them. The book is loaded with practical information, presented in an engaging and user-friendly style. Recognizing the wide diversity among socially anxious individuals, Hilliard reviews multiple strategies that can be tailored to meet each individual’s unique needs.”

-JAMES D. HERBERT, PhD, Director, Anxiety Treatment and Research Program, Drexel University.

“Erika B. Hilliard’s Living Fully with Shyness and Social Anxiety is the most comprehensive self-help guide yet published on this important topic. She clearly explains how shyness is a normal human emotion, which sometimes becomes excessive in ways that block the fulfillment of personal goals. This book provides significant insights into how and why contemporary North American culture can be a particularly difficult social environment for shy people. Hilliard advocates an approach through which a person can accept what is positive about being shy while at the same time learning how to work through excessive shyness, one step at a time. Her many years of experience as a leader of groups for shy people shine through in her rich examples and warm tone that help the shy reader feel not only informed but also truly understood. Her concluding chapter is an outstanding guide to how a shy person can use this book as a resource for renewing and maintaining motivation in spite of setbacks that might be encountered.”

-JONATHAN CHEEK, PhD, author of Conquering Shyness, professor of Psychology, Wellesley College

“Hilliard’s book is a welcome addition to the shyness self-help literature. Ms. Hilliard understands the experience of shyness, its strengths as well as its vulnerabilities. She does a lovely job of normalizing shyness as part of the human condition, while providing concrete strategies to practice new behavior in socially challenging situations. Her warmth is communicated to the reader, who is invited to share the experiences and the victories of those she has treated. The reader will develop their strengths, as well as counter their inhibitions, in the context of many shy people who are living successful, productive, and satisfying lives.”

-LYNNE HENDERSON, PhD, Stanford University, Director, Shyness Clinic, Originator, Social Fitness Model

“This is a very thorough and comprehensive book written with clarity and compassion. Erika B. Hilliard, a seasoned clinician, has skillfully brought together insights that are suited for both a professional and lay audience.”

-LEE PULOS, PhD, ABPP, Clinical Psychologist, author of The Power of Visualization and The Biology of Empowerment

“Erika B. Hilliard communicates a vast amount of often highly sophisticated information in a deceptively engaging, compassionate, supportive, and easy-to-read format that will be undoubtedly valuable to patients with social anxiety disorder and shyness as well as their therapists.”

LISA MILLER, M.D. Social Anxiety Disorder Group Therapist, Baylor College of Medicine, Menninger Department of Psychiatry

“Erika Hilliard has written a wise, compassionate, and comprehensive book on a problem that afflicts literally millions of people—social anxiety disorder. Very few of the people who suffer from this disorder currently receive treatment, either because they don’t think of their problem as a legitimate mental disorder, are unaware that help is available, or are too embarrassed to seek help. Hilliard’s book is a godsend to these people and their loved ones.”

RONALD KESSLER, PhD, Department of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School

“At last, Erika Hilliard has come along with a very practical, yet sensitive, guide to conquering these difficulties. It’s excellent.”

-KATHY TAIT, former newspaper columnist and author of Love Smarts: A Singles Guide to Finding That Special Someone

”Erika Hilliard’s book is a significant contribution to our understanding of shyness and social anxiety. Her book not only describes the many predisposing factors of excessive shyness, it also explains, in satisfying depth, a variety of methods, exercises, and guidelines for challenging and overcoming this syndrome.”

-JOYCE CATLETT, M.A., co-author of Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice